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[04 Jul 2012|04:45pm]

Well hello.

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[21 Mar 2011|12:36pm]
 Fuck my life. I am so unmotivated and feel like shite. Fuck fucking fuck. I can't even think anymore. 

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[21 Feb 2011|10:42pm]
 So fucking lovesick.

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[27 Oct 2010|12:21am]
 Today was a good day.

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[03 Oct 2010|10:36pm]
 Ah, so as of Friday the 1st October, I am 22 years old. To be honest, I'm glad that 21 is over, I feel that it was overrated. 

I flew home via Port Macquarie on my birthday and have been spending the past few days relaxing at home and eating way too much. 

I got some nice presents. My brother got me a book called 'Cocktails and Rocktales', i.e. A rock n roll themed cocktail book :P
Got a cookbook, 'Mastering the Art of French Cooking' from Mum, which looks a little bit amazing. Dad got me a letter opener with a treble clef embellishment. I also got underwear, a cute notepad saying 'I only like stylish people', a nightie, a blank recipe book to write down recipes I like, a set of Maxwell Williams cutlery and a gorgeous, GORGEOUS black and white fur jacket. It is amazing. Oh...and 2 x $100 gift vouchers for David Jones. I can't wait to take them to the CBD and have a stroll around! I love going to David Jones, especially with my Mum. Sometimes when I go by myself I feel like a bit of an out of place young punk.

On my birthday we watched the DVD of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo which may just be my new favourite film. I haven't read the book, but I'd really love to now. Geeze, I can't wait to finish uni/my degree in November so I can do some leisurely reading that is not a part of a university literature course! As enlightening as study is... And man, Noomi Rapace, who plays Lisbeth Salander is an absolute BABE. I am now convinced to get my nose pierced and get a hoop. Opinions? I was talking about it to my Mum and Dad and discovered that they are anti any piercings that are not on the ears. Hrm.

I just watched Stephen Fry live from the Sydney Opera House as apart of the Festival Of Dangerous Ideas. he is amazing. I love him so so much. What he talked about...about art, and the need to do something because you feel as though that is what you are meant to do with your life (i.e. creative impulses) was so inspiring. Dad was watching it with me, and I hope that he can understand perhaps how I feel about my life and what I want to pursue and achieve. I feel as though, although he is proud of me, he doesn't quite understand me.

OHOHOHOHOHOOHOHOH I HAVE AMAZING NEWS. What may have just made my birthday. I have been offered a SOLO EXHIBITION/SHOW at Gallery Eight in Miller's Point, Sydney (basically in The Rocks). I am so bloody excited. It's going to be from 18 February -10 March. I had to submit an exhibition proposal by the end of last month, and just sent in in on the 29th September and got the e-mail back on Friday. I am really taken aback and suddenly really excited about taking photos and making art again. I'll be exhibiting my COFA Annual artwork, so it's nothing new, but I think it will be an fantastic opportunity to try an get my work, and my name out there. I know it will cost a bit of money to have a solo show, but this is such an opportunity that I cannot turn down.

Well, I'd better go and be social with the family.

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[22 Aug 2010|08:58pm]

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[28 Jul 2010|12:11am]

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[06 May 2010|09:20pm]
 A glass of red wine makes life good.


Cofa assessment tomorrow for studio lighting then PARTAY.

Going to Steel Lotus tomorrow too.

Need to clean my studio. this place is a mess. Need to vaccuuuuuuuum.

It's getting cold, that's exciting.

Alicia and Sara are coming to World War tomorrow night to see The Vignettes, which should be super fun.

yeah, I'm a bit tipsy. 

I'm going to go now


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Rosmarinus officinalis [04 May 2010|12:59pm]

 New tattoo idea. Opinions? I'm thinking left forearm, kinda on the outer edge. Not sure how big (okay, so not huge).

Reasoning behind it: My mum grows lots of herbs at home. She's always going out getting clippings for cooking, but I always like the Blue Tuscan Rosemary the best. We have a couple of plants around the garden. It just kinda reminds me of home. It's kind of comforting.  At first I was thinking of getting Scottish heather, but...I don't know, I don't have as much of a connection to it. I feel that this speaks more for me. I know it might seem a little sentimental. I'm thinking of getting the latin name with it. 

Also, connotation with remembrance e.g. war, and stimulation of memory.

I'm thinking of popping into Steel Lotus Friday afternoon after class and having a chat to Steve. 

But yeah...what do you think?

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DOWNLOAD My Beloved Monster [13 Apr 2010|01:40pm]
 James fixed up all the sound levels on our tracks and they are now available for DOWNLOAD!!!

Seven tracks, six original, one cover/mash up.

We've been aiming to write seven songs, so we're nearly there!



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PLACEBO. 24th February 2010 [28 Feb 2010|04:11pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

This is my rather big account of events around seeing Placebo for the 3rd and 4th time.

Last Wednesday might have just been the best night of my life.

My brother came down to Sydney from Newcastle on Tuesday evening. It was nice to have him stay with me for a couple of days and to see my apartment in more of a homely state. On my way to Central to meet him we got text messages telling us where and when Placebo’s secret myspace show was to be held. 5pm at the Enmore…3 hours before their actual gig.

James and I went out to dinner in the Spot to Pinocchio’s, probably my favourite restaurant in Randwick, and then we went to Bondi Junction to see The Road. WHOA. It was a bit scary, and disturbing. I found it hard to watch some bits, but my God Viggo Mortensen was incredible. I’m glad we saw it, but we didn’t really know what to say afterwards.

Love of my life.

Read on for much rambling!Collapse )

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anxious wreck [11 Oct 2009|04:34pm]
[ mood | anxious ]


that explains how I feel right now.

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Home, home on the range... [24 Jun 2009|08:50pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I'm home and I love curry puffs :D

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// [06 Jun 2009|10:27pm]
You're too complicated
We should separate it
You're just confiscating
You're exasperating
This degeneration
Mental masturbation

Think I'll leave it all behind, save this bleeding heart of mine.

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Falling Free [25 Apr 2009|10:10pm]
[ mood | tired ]

HOLY CRAP. STEVE FORREST (Placebo's new drummer) is only A YEAR older than me!!!

Yup, Brian and Stef are cradle snatchers.

He is rather cute (check out the icon).

I just read an interview from a Dutch magazine with Stefan. He talked about the Meds tour (last time i saw them), and about how it was all falling apart with Steve Hewitt (old drummer). How being in Placebo just became a job. It made me really sad to think that when I saw them, they made me so happy and got me through so much, but they were on their last legs. It's scary. But now, according to Stefan, they're a new band again and have found their passion again. The opening song on the new album was written by Brian and Stef FIFTEEN YEARS AGO (Kitty Litter...sounds like a name filthy young Brian would come up with :P) and only now, it fits.

I'm really excited about the upcomming album, what can I say?


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[04 Mar 2009|09:56pm]
I am now an assistant tutor in Basser!! GO ME! Subsedised college fees!!

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Killer [03 Mar 2009|11:44am]
[ mood | coffee & biscuit mood ]

So, The Kills have FINALLY revealed that they're playing a sideshow!

So now...even after telling work whether I can swap from Saturday to Sunday due to V Festival...should I still go? Or sell the ticket. Maybe I'll just go, festival loner and all, maybe I'll make friends with someone.

I just went to a lecture about reading and writing critically, was enthralling! No it wasn't too bad, it actually wasn't meant for dumbarses, which was nice. Someone is sawing something nearby, the sound is rather annoying.

Will Anderson is going to be at the Uni Roundhouse on Wednesday! I might go, I love Will. Triple J was the best when he and Adam Spencer did breakfast...in the good old days.


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Deluge [17 Feb 2009|08:46am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

'She's preparing for the flood, the deluge and the sliding mud'


All the bridges up river are closed. Roads in Frederickton (nearby village on the highway) are flooded, roads in South Kempsey are flooded as well as Crescent Head Road and parts of the Pacific Highway. In general there is a flash flooding warning for the mid-north coast from Coffs Harbour right down to Newcastle.

The (Macleay) River is up and there's water in the paddocks across the road where the creek runs. BAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH. It's so bloody dismal! I have a shit load to do today and I'm praying that it'll be right for me to get the train tonight and for my parents to drive to Port Macquarie tomorrow to fly to Sydney.


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dilemma [24 Jan 2009|12:57pm]
[ mood | awake ]

I should never come on here when I'm upset and have PMS.

At the moment I'm incredibly excited that THE KILLS are comming to Australia. They're playing V Festival and I'm really really tempted to buy a ticket. They haven't announced a sideshow yet. I went to V Festival last year with

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I should never come on here when I'm upset and have PMS.

At the moment I'm incredibly excited that THE KILLS are comming to Australia. They're playing V Festival and I'm really really tempted to buy a ticket. They haven't announced a sideshow yet. I went to V Festival last year with <lj-user="missy_minx"> and had a pretty good time. V Fest is more chill and has less hype than teh Big Day Out an Spleandour in the Grass. I don't mind some fo the other acts...I don't know if I should just hold out a little bit longer in hope of a sideshow.


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I'm an angry young person [16 Dec 2008|06:27pm]
[ mood | angry ]

You just HAVE to change my COFA classes from a Tuesday to a Wednesday and schedule all the English courses for Wednesday as well.
I'm never going to get to my English lecture. It won't even let me enrol in Enlgish, full stop. I just e-mailed Paul Dawson, who's running the Gothic course, and hoping he'll let me catch it up online.

But seriously...WHAT BAD LUCK IS THIS!?

Oh yeah, and I just burnt a cake. Great one, retard.

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